The Ten Must Need Tracks For Meditation!

Eskmo – Oh In This World Of Dread, Carry On


The musical aspects of this song match the meaningful message of the title, enabling you to carry on in this world of dread. It’s mesmerizing melodies and epic climaxes are enough to make anyone smile. Eskmo incorporates personal recordings of nature into his music, creating a natural and soothing atmosphere. If you haven’t heard of Eskmo, check him out here and listen to the song below!

Bonobo – Emkay


Last Spring, Bonobo released another new album, this one was called ‘The North Borders’ and made me fall in love with the man.  It was tough to decide which one of his tracks to put on here because they all deserved it, but I had to go with ‘Emkay’. You will get lost in this song, it is five minutes of pure tranquility and feelings of love. Check out his new album here and listen to ‘Emkay’ below!

Chrome Sparks – Your Planet


I don’t know what does it for me with this song, the simplistic nature or the gentle melodies, but I love it! Chrome Sparks is on a quick rise to the top and absolutely deserves that for songs like this. This came out on his ‘Sparks’ EP which is filled with golden songs. Check that out here and listen below!

Four Tet – Unicorn


I never really understood the massive hype around Four Tet, until I heard this song. I realize the song is titled ‘Unicorn’, but keep all judgements aside until you hear it! He just released this on his new album and it’s just so unique and beautiful. Listen now below and check out his new album here!

Hundred Waters – Boreal


It’s time to give you guys something a little different. I truly hope you’ve already hear this because you’re life would be that much better right now. All I can say is amazing and send you off to listen to it below!

Koan Sound & Asa – Starlite


I’ve been a long time fan of Koan Sound and have been anticipating a new EP for a while, but I never expected this. They teamed up with Asa on this one and have produced the single most stunning EP that I have ever heard. Although my favorite track is ‘Starlite’, I love them all so you can listen to them all below!

Lapalux – Without You


This song is powerful. The melancholy synth swinging throughout the whole song and the smooth transitions from pitch to pitch with vocals, it’s just very pleasant. If you haven’t you really need to check out Lapalux, all of his songs are so skillful in production and lovely in ambiance. Listen below and catch his amazing album here!

Ratatat – Cherry


I’ve recently re-downloaded every song that Ratatat has ever made and ‘Cherry’ really stuck out to me. The opening reminds me of a scene Napoleon Dynamite, but it’s still so good! The song has one of the biggest build-ups ever, but when it finally reaches a climax the wait becomes worth it. Listen now!

Snakadaktal – Ghost (Cosmo’s Midnight Remix)


Snakadaktal, probably the coolest band name I’ve come across yet. It’s a group of six kids out of Australia who live together in a cabin and make music all the time. Their solo stuff is amazing, but this Cosmo’s Midnight remix is just too wonderful. Cosmo’s Midnight is two twin dudes from, yet again, Australia. Seriously, there is so much musical talent coming out of there recently, it’s ridiculous. Listen below!

The M Machine – Shadow In The Rose Garden (Matt Lange Remix)

For the last song necessary for meditation, I bring a remix off the new M Machine EP! This one is by Matt Lange and really caught my attention. He turned a more upbeat song into a completely different track, applying it’s original beauty in a whole different direction. You can listen below, enjoy!