A Special Blackjack Xmas Challenge

Very seldom in life does one enjoy a hobby with a loved one. This Xmas, due to work, my partner and I found ourselves seperated by distance for the first time.

We tried to think of some ways we could have fun together even though she was thousands of miles away. She came up with the idea of having a Blackjack Challenge. Well, I have never ever been one to knock back a challenge – be it for bottle caps, jelly beans or cash.

After years of playing Online Slots and Roulette, I decided to quickly brush up on the rules of Blackjack before taking on my sweety, who is quite the pro.

Being a staunch advocate of one of the coolest online sites Enter Casino, I decided I should get to choose the online casino, as my partner chose the game. To my delight, she agreed. This was her first mistake – I haven’t lost at Enter Casino since I started playing there. It has been quite an amazing run.

So it was ON!! We would both log in to Enter Casino at 9pm and set up a Private Blackjack table.

In another lifetime, I used to fancy myself as a blackjack wiz. Many a night spent in Macau, Vegas and Moscow saw to that. Being a traveller exposes you to all sorts of gaming. Downtime at train stations, airports and bus depots allows you to fire up your laptop and look for online casino action as well. Even though I was a little rusty, I was still up for the challenge and fancied my chances against my attractive opponent.

The stage was set. We both bought in for $50 and away we went.

First up, I experienced a few tough beats when my two picture cards were over run by 21’s and Blackjacks by my faceless dealer. 15 minutes in and I was down to $37 and not exactly feeling the Xmas spirit. At the same time, my sweety was having a dream run and had worked her start bank up to an admirable $67. Of course, she was letting me know in no uncertain terms what she thought about my chances of winning.

As we exchanged constant pleasantries throughout the course of a fun-filled 2 hour period, I was surprised to note that neither of us fell below $25 at any one time. In fact, we both built up our initial stake to over $100 as time passed.

Final results – hero $118 – my sweety $107. Yes, victory is sweet!

For all your die hard romantics out there, I did promise to shower my sweety with gifts when next at our favourite shopping mall – so I guess she couldn’t really lose after all!

We decided that we would have more of these challenges – maybe even once a week . Living apart can be hard for both parties at the best of times – finding a way to interact from a distance can be fun and very fulfilling. She has requested Roulette for our next challenge – and I can already see my lucky numbers coming up now.

As we said goodnight to one another from afar, I still could see those aces and blackjack in my eyes – so I sat back down and tried another $50 at Enter Casino.

Wouldn’t you know it – within 25 minutes I was back up over $110 and broke my previous record of $118 shortly after.

As I dozed off to sleep that night, I dreamt that all Xmas seasons could be as much fun and pondered a season of joy and happiness with my loved one the moment our schedules allowed us to wed and be happy.

For the next challenge, I have chosen my four favorite roulette numbers. I will play them constantly and will not budge from them at any cost.

Here’s hoping!