What's a Clea?

We do most of the work for you

Since finding agents who are willing to book a band can be frustratingly difficult, Clea does all the work for you by finding INDEPENDENT or ASPIRING agents that sign up on this website and search for bands.

If your music is good, you will be found.

Our primary goal as a company is to relieve as much stress for the artist and booking agent in terms of searching for work. Many good artists fail to break into the business simply by not knowing or having access to the right people.


As a starting company, we do not have the resources to bring in very well connected agents and regardless, these agents are usually tied to contracts by either a label or a PR firm and as a result are out of our reach. We are more interested in helping the ones who are independent. Which is why you will not be garunteed big venues.

The Can’s And Cannot’s of Clea

Artists are able to make an account free of charge and submit a booking request through our submission form. Booking agents registered with Clea will become notified based on the genre filter they have choosen to be notified from.

Booking agents are able to make a subscription based account that will contain access to the list of bands registered in our databse. As a result booking agents can approach any band at any time relevant or  irrelevant to the request submission by the artist.

Both Booking Agents and Artists can request an agreement dispute to our support team if you feel like you are being scammed or not recieving the intended product claimed to be recieved.

Artists cannot directly message any booking agent. The booking agent has to take interest in your music and decide for themselves if you are a worthy investment through Clea’s request submissions

Booking agents can only make a subscription based account with clea. The artist generally has more expenses to meet than the agent. To learn more about this please read our Terms and Conditions.

It is advised that booking agents or artists not to make any dealings or agreements outside of officialclea. Doing so will leave you unprotected to our terms of service.
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